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Masae has always had a love for art, and excelled in art classes as a student in Japan. At the turn of this century she decided to pursue these talents, and began painting as a hobby. It wasn’t long before people began asking to offer for her paintings. 


Masae’s paintings range from Hawaiian landscapes and floral abstracts to her favorite subject of all, her beloved Great White Yard Shark (the family cat).


Masae says, “I now get more pleasure from seeing someone take my art home than I used to keeping it all for myself. I appreciate all the support from my friends, family, my clients who love my work and especially my mentor and teacher Ed Furuike.

Masae’s Work Begins with Vision, Color and Great Detail


“Hi Masae! I grew up on Oahu and just saw your painting of a waterfall at the Mariott in Waikiki Gallery. You really capture the reality and spirit of Hawaii! So nice to see. Straight to the heart!”

William L. Phipps

For art inquires, please send a message to us via message box above. We will get back to you as early as we can.

Masae Martin

Masae Art Box 2019